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berry wines crafted in the heart of Göteborg


craft berry wines produced in the heart of Göteborg

Made in the heart of Göteborg, fruit wine and mead are no stranger to Scandinavia with its rocky landscapes and colder temperatures. Harsh for grapes to grow, but perfect for berries, fruit wine can become the new best thing in Sweden and in the world because they are so unic and so different than a regular wine and tastier in many ways.

a playful symphony of wild berries

Immerse yourself in a symphony of flavors with our wild berry wine. It captures the playful essence of youth harmonizing the sweet and tangy notes of wild berries to create a delightful experience.

wines from the finest berries

Our mission is to make wine from wild berries that grow in Sweden, especially in the arctic region and make the north the most unsual place to make wine and a place that is not only know for its cold temperatures but also for its beaty and its potential.

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